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An Honest Gentleman
An Honest Gentleman
  • Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company present
  • By Cordelia Spence & Tim Lane
  • Ages 10+
  • 1748
  • A musical play about East Anglia’s very own highwayman

    Little is known of Thomas Easter except that he was born
    in Aylsham in Norfolk in 1715 and was hung at Tyburn 24 years
    later. However, his life was packed with adventure and intrigue.
    From Norfolk and Suffolk to Putney Heath Easter plied his trade
    as a Gentleman of the Road, ‘raising contributions upon the public’
    and, from the little that is known, he was a dashing and charming
    rogue. ’I rob the rich to give to the poor’. Ultimately betrayed
    by an accomplice and comrade, he danced the hangman’s jig.

    Join Stuff of Dreams at Christchurch Mansion where the theatre company
    will take you on a rollicking Georgian adventure delving into the life
    and times of the East Anglian Highwaymen of the 18th Century.  There
    will be laughter, live folk music and song – and where facts are
    scarce there will be glorious embellishment!

    Please note: The performance on Saturday 4th May
    is a BSL signed performance

    Suitable for ages 10+

    Tickets £12.00,
    (A booking fee of £1.09 is included in this price)
    Concessions £10.00
    (A booking fee of 0.91p is included in this price)

    Tickets can be collected from Christchurch Mansion when you arrive at the event


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